How much Space do I need at Spacio 3?

Frequently asked questions


• What is a self-storage and how does it work? 
- It is a service of having a storage unit with a certain measure and closed with your own key. You can store things from your house or your company. You choose the size of the unit and the time you need it. You always have full access during our opening hours.

• Do I have to pay a deposit?
- Yes, you have to pay two months of rent deposit. And when you finish the contract, we will refund the deposit to you.

• How long is the minimum time of contracting this service for a unit? 
- One month.

• Do I have to inform in advance that i want to cancel the contract? 
- Yes, but only one week (7 days) in advance, if not, we will charge you for one week extra from the day you leave.

• What are the opening hours? 
- We are open Monday to Thursday from 09.00 to 18.00 and Friday 09.00 - 18.00.

• Are my belongings safe?
-  Yes, your belongings are safe: we have an alarm system for robbery and fire, smoke detectors, video surveillance 24 hours, and metal doors.

• Why a brass lock?
- Because only you will have access to your unit.

• Is there any control of the people coming in and out of the building? 
- There is always staff in the office during the opening hours, to identify persons having access to the building and registering that information. 

• Do I need to get an insurance for my belongings? 
-  Our fees include a basic insurance of 250 € / unit. You may contract any other type of insurance with an insurance company.

• What can I store? 
-  You can store everything except illegal, flammable or perishable material.  (see info)

• What are the sizes of the units of Spacio 3? 
There is a wide range of sizes, from 1 m2 (1 m3) to 7 m2 (21 m3). Most of them are 3m high. The doors are 2,10 m high and 0,95 cm wide. 

• What are the sizes of the corridors and the lift? 
- The corridors are 1 m to 1,5 m wide. The lift is 2 m high, 1,30 m wide and 1,80 m deep. If your sofa or any other belonging doesn't fit in the lift, our staff will help you take it to your storage unit. 

• Is it easy to park and unload? 
- Yes, it is. We have trolleys you can use free of charge from your car to you unit.

• Where can i buy cardboard boxes and packaging materials? 
- You can buy all you need right here in our shop.